A Ride Through Rhyme
and other cowboy poems
This book contains the top cut of R.P.'s early writings; the collection contains thirty-eight poems, and eleven illustrations by Nebraska Artist
Ronald E. Lukesh.
Book $15.00
Stage Of Life
the modified live album
Most cuts are from a live show with a few studio tracks thrown in for good measure, playing time of seventy-two minutes.
CD $15.00

Early Riser
The First Collection of Cowboy Poetry by R.P. Smith
This CD is a combination of the first three cassettes recorded by R.P, Because of space considerations a few cuts had to be left off, but if you don't find the ones you wanted on here you will find them of the Stage of Life CD. This collection includes thirty-five poems, eighty minutes of playtime, we stocked as heavy as we could, it should cover some miles for you.
CD $15.00

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We believe that you will thoroughly enjoy his talent as much as we have!

~ Brian Hale
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R. P. Smith
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It's Only FAIR

Featuring Cowboy Poetry and Stories By R.P. Smith, Recorded Live.  Thanks for Riding along to the fair, Itís been a while since I put together a CD, I hope you feel like it was worth the wait.
CD $15.00

Caught In The Act

Ride along with Nebraska Rancher, Humorist and Cowboy Poet R.P. Smith as he shakes off a little dust from the Pine Crest Ranch and heads down the entertainment trail.  R.P.'s live performance was filmed in 2010 at the Star Theater in Curtis, Nebraska.  Take a look at this wild and wonderful world throught the eyes of a working cowboy.
DVD $20.00
Fall Gathering

A collection of cowboy poetry from R.P. Smith including
Crimson Contemplation, It's Almost Fall, Final Instructions, Bud's Bunny, The Big Picture, The Martin Mare, Song of the Cistern, How I spent My Birthday, Trail Before Me, Jugs, Cadillac Rap, Surprise and Orchard of Dillon McLeach
CD $15.00