Home Grown Radio Program, hosted by R.P.Smith

"Howdy Friend, Welcome to Home Grown," We hope that this friendly greeting will soon sound familiar as you make it a habit to tune in to Home Grown on the rural radio network.

The show is hosted by R.P.Smith, and comes to you weekly from the Pine Crest Ranch, his home place, near Broken Bow Nebraska.

R.P. is the fourth generation to raise cattle on the Pine Crest,  he says "it still isn't a real big place but I come from a long line of stubborn and persistant people".

Over the past few years R.P. has been supporting his ranching habit by entertaining folks throughout the country. During his performances he shares his brand of cowboy poetry and country commentary, something that he considers a by-product of the beef industry, which has been processed by reciting for ruminates, relatives, and ranchers.

In his travels to fourteen states and Canada R.P. has had the opportunity to work with some of the top names in the world of western entertainment, he has been as a  featured entertainer at some of the largest cowboy poetry gatherings in the country. R.P. has been amazed by  the talented folks who are out there and that is why he is so excited about Home Grown.  "Home Grown gives me a chance to run by some of my newest efforts and an opportunity to share the poetic and musical talents of some of the folks I have worked with. It is great stuff, and not something you will hear anywhere else."

* Color Photo Courtesy Rapid City SD Chamber of Commerce

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R. P. Smith
44306 Road 786
Broken Bow, NE 68822
(308) 872-6250
Photo by Charles W Guildner, 5106-23rd Ave. W
Everett, Washington 98203-1525
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